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  • Based in Ripon, Bartercard York is just one of 70+ Bartercard offices around the world, all sharing the same goal. The provision of a wide selection of trade exchange facilities and services that converts spare capacity and surplus stock into guaranteed new sales for our business members. To be number specific, currently 55,000 global members benefit from over £400 million of barter trade every year! We all know that Yorkshire is widely recognised as God's own county, home of jaw droppingly beautiful countryside, the best tea, Yorkshire pudding and Wallace and Gromit. Jarvis Cocker, David Hockney, Brian Blessed and the Bronte sisters are just some of our famous exports. Past successes however, are no guarantee of future prosperity and we live in a tough economic climate where, despite recent upturns largely in the south of England, trading conditions are still challenging. Providing tried and tested solutions is what Bartercard York's dedicated local staff are all about . Why not put us to the test? If you are a Yorkshire based business and looking for a competitive edge, improved cash flow or perhaps an interest free line of credit then we would love to hear from you. Call or email us today and let us demonstrate the power of Bartercard. It's time to take your business to the next level.
  • Bartering is the oldest form of commerce known to man and dates back at least 6000 years to ancient Mesopotamia. Before anyone thought of currency it was the norm to swap goods or services that you owned for those that you wanted e.g. a sheep for a sack of wheat. If as a child, you ever swapped one of your toys with a friend for one of their toys then you have already bartered. Today, major International companies and even countries actively and aggressively barter every day of the week using their own direct barter staff to identify and facilitate trades. It is estimated that upto 1/3 of the World's economy is driven by Barter! Small to medium sizes businesses, who could never justify employing barter dedicated staff, can now gain the same competitive advantage by utilising the services of Bartercard, the World's Largest Trade Exchange With the introduction of the internet, modern barter and trade has evolved massively to become an impressively effective method of increasing sales, conserving cash, moving stock, and making use of excess production capacity for businesses around the world. Businesses in Bartercard earn trade pounds (instead of cash) that are deposited into their account. They then have the ability to purchase goods and services from other members utilizing those trade pounds . They are not obligated to purchase from those whom they sold to, and vice-versa. This provides complete flexibility and a bank like system of trading. Bartercard provides a critical role in providing record-keeping, brokering expertise and monthly statements to each member. Still not convinced? Click on our 'Testimonials' or 'Local Business Success Stories' pages to see what our members think of us. You can also read a selection of UK wide business owner reviews at independent website:


  • I have been a member for 11 years now, in that time my most valuable costs offset have been for furniture and holidays. The idea is to make the most of opportunities and to use Bartercard to the best ability. Greg Harrand  Hedley House
  • I am a new member with Bartercard and I would have no hesitation recommending the whole concept to any shrewd business. Its a fabulous way to buy items you need and save real £££'s. My co-ordinator has been extremely helpful in every way and my first purchase a Macbook Air Laptop I am thoroughly over the moon with. I can't believe how fast it is compared with my old laptop, and what a bargain. I am about to refer the system to my pals at the golf club, many of whom are business owners. I believe I receive a £300 trade referral fee for each new member! MARK MCCABE Grass Roots Football
  • We’ve spent almost T£20,000 and all through Barter! We make the best use of our trade coordinator. We consider them as one of our sales staff. It works very very well. DAVID CAWTHORNE  Cedar GB  (York)
  • T£1/4 million since i started bartercard. MIKE JOHNSON
  • Bartercard has provided a fantastic service, I have used their services for Holidays, Hotels, Advertising, Franchising and much more. Would highly recommend their services to any business owner. MANDEEP SINGH SAMRA
  • Booked fully Catered Ski Chalet for 16 at peak season in Morzine for less than T£800 per head, how can you not love Bartercard MARK LEICESTER
  • We highly recommend bartercard. New members must make time to understand the system & what others offer. Pitscards & Pits Postcards turn-up all round the world as a result. Schools & Sports Clubs often ask about sponsors for their fixture cards or term cards; using T£ makes sense. One final thing: thank you to all trade co-ordinators for making things happen - as an extention of our sales team your expertise is really appreciated. VERNON YOUNG
  • An innovative way for businesses to both give and receive value. Key for me has been the great support and promoting both of my services and awareness of offers available to me by the excellent team in York. I recommend Bartercard to any business owner.Think outside the box...ask for help and it's there. Keep up the good work! ANDREW CUSSONS
  • We have been members of Bartercard for many years and I wouldn't be without it! We have always been happy to accept advertising on Barter and used it to pay for flyers,banners,business cards etc. We have also taken advantage of help with marketing and even our website. On a personal level, we have had holidays in Dorset, France and Prague. We paid for our son & daughter in law's honeymoon to Florida and even had the trip of a lifetime on the Orient Express!! LIZ CLARK


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